Stop working full time and just be Mom!

So what is my plan to stop working full time and transition into a more domestic role? Well, what I want is always a moving target! Disclaimer: as a woman, I fully invoke my right to change my mind whenever the heck I want and however many times I feel like it.  🙂 But seriously, my goal is to move from having an 8 – 5 full time professional career to a part time, more flexible job. I think I will always want to keep working. Although I love my children and husband, I think I need to do SOMETHING outside my house for my own personal sanity…but just not as much of it as I do now.

In a perfect world I would just simply work half as much and keep my same rate of pay. Because my boss would just totally go for that. “Hey boss, I’m just going to stop coming in so much. Don’t worry, you can keep paying me at my regular hourly rate… and just keep my full benefit package where it is too. I won’t be here half the time, but I know you won’t mind. On account of you loving to do more of the work yourself. Or you could hire another person and double your budget. Okay, thanks, good talk!”

Soooooo in exchange for more time and freedom in my work schedule, the fact is that I am probably going to have to accept lower wages per hour…and remember, I will have less of those hours. So in other words, let’s say right now I make about $25 an hour. Odds that I will find a part time job paying that much are slim. Full time employment pays higher wages because this comes with the commitment for a greater amount of time each week. So let’s say I can land a job at $15 an hour for 20 hours per week. I just went from earning $52,000 per year to $15,600 per year. Ouch!

And so my friends, you see where one can get into the proverbial pickle. Your money or your time: which one to choose?

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