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How to heal sore, cracked or blistered nipples.

My nipples are red, sore and cracked, what do I do? Does this sound like you? If yes, then you know latching a baby onto a scabbed, cracked or blistered nipple is like receiving a strong electrical shock. It’s toe curling, teeth clenching pain that can make you want to give up breastfeeding. We’ve been there and felt that and we’re here to tell you there’s hope - Hope to heal your nipples and hope to feed pain free for as long as you’d like to breastfeed your baby. As always, we recommend consulting a Lactation Consultant who can help recognize and diagnose any underlying problems (Some of which we will touch on here) that may be causing sore nipples. What...

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When to Wean Baby Off Nipple Shields!

  For whatever reason you began using a nipple shield, one of the most asked questions is how do I get my baby off the nipple shields? Most the time the answer is, as soon as possible. The longer you use nipple shields with your baby, the harder it is and longer it takes to wean them off. Of course, it depends on why you started using a nipple shield in the first place. There are however a few reasons to hold off on weaning your baby off the nipple shied: If your baby is a preemie and is still to small to latch properly without the shield then continuing to use the shield is necessary. The same goes if...

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