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We used a 24mm medela nipple shield since the day after my daughters birth due to shallow latching. We went on with it for almost 4 months as she pretty much refused to nurse without it. I’d try feeding then take it off and latch her but she wouldn’t do it, she’d just get frustrated. So I gave in and bought this kit and it was worth it! Granted it did make my nipples sore because the way the baby pulls it through the shield but she didn’t need the shield after ONE DAY of use!! (Every baby is different though some will take longer). Customer service was wonderful - when I emailed them about the “rubbing” of my nipple against the shield and how it felt like it was blistering, they replied within 24 hours with a thorough email, not an automated one which I expected. Anyway, then I kept trying to use a shield on and off when my nipples just hurt from her nursing (she never nursed without a shield so it was like the beginning of breastfeeding for my nipples lol) and she would refuse to nurse! Not to mention I am 99% sure I’m having more letdowns without using a nipple shield now and she’s gaining weight better. Very very thankful for this product!!!  -- Lindsay Currie
"My baby had her first feed in over a month without a shield the same day I started using this product. She didn’t like the first size so took the natural breast in preference, and has happily fed on the smaller sizes and naturally since. Amazing! The service was also exceptional: they made arrangements so that the product could be sent to me in Australia, and were so lovely to communicate with. I felt reassured and confident that I could overcome the shield. Thank you so much!!!"
--Tara - Victoria, Australia

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"I bought this because my daughter wouldn’t nurse from me since I had been using nipple shields for three months, since her birth. I am happy to say she is nursing with no shield after just one week! I would highly recommend this weaning kit."
---Corinne - Maryland, U.S.


"I cannot recommend this product more highly for mom’s struggling with painful breastfeeding because of your baby’s teeth. I know for sure that I would’ve stopped breastfeeding my baby early had I not found this product. Not only am I grateful that I’ve been able to continue to feed my baby, but also that the time we spend nursing has returned to the beautiful, bonding experience that I cherish. "
---Trinity - Utah, U.S.


Back to Mom weaning kit works. Read reviews of the back to mom Weaning kit. Recommended by lutz_lactation.

"These helped tremendously. I can't believe this isn't a more well known product! I'll definitely be recommending your product to other mommas!"
---Sydney - California, U.S.

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