A Pump with a Purpose.

A portion of every sale will go to help Back to Mom donate Pink Pumps.

In impoverished areas of Haiti and Africa, breast milk is the only option for feeding infants. When an infant is born premature or with a palate defect, mothers must express their breastmilk so their baby will survive. Our Pink Pump is perfect to help with this need as it requires no power and is easy to keep clean.

  • Life for African Mothers

    Back to Mom is privileged to be able to work with the charity Life For African Mothers. LAFM brings life saving medicines and midwife training to Sub Saharan areas of Africa. LAFM is making a HUGE difference one mother at a time and we are proud to have the opportunity to also help mothers and their infants with our Pink Pumps.Visit their website

  • Donating silicone pumps to Midwives for Haiti. It is a Haakaa style pump.

    Midwives for Haiti

    Back to Mom is honored to also be working with Midwives for Haiti. M4H train midwives and skilled birth attendants in Haiti. They are helping to change the medical landscape for mothers and babies in a BIG way. We are so proud to be able to help with their mission of helping Haitian mothers and infants by donating Pink Pumps. Visit their website.

About Us

Inventory of the best way to wean off nipple shields and best nipple shield to prevent pain from bad latch or biting. Open ended nipple shield inventor. Keep milk supply up while using a nipple shield with these products

Lindsey Parry is a Certified Lactation Counselor, the founder of Back to Mom and creator of the Nipple Shield Weaning Kit , Natural Connection Nipple Shields, Nip Fix Healing Serum and other breastfeeding products. The ideas for her products were born through her own experience of struggling with both weaning off nipple shields and dealing with pain from her baby’s teeth for over a year. She went to work with her ideas, where it took years of hard work (while balancing being a mom of 2 active boys) to develop, prototype, test and manufacture her products. Back to Mom was finally launched November 2020.  She’s been ecstatic about the response from moms who have been helped by the Back to Mom products so far! Her greatest desire for Back to Mom products to help as many moms as possible to continue their breastfeeding journeys for as long as they want.

We at Back to Mom™  work diligently to have a sustainable and caring model with mom's and babies at the center of it all. That's why we donate a portion of every sale to our Pink Pump Initiative. We believe "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give" -Winston Churchill.  

We also make a point of using as little plastic as possible in our packaging to help ease the burden on landfills. Our Weaning Kit and Bite Guards, and Nip Fix Healing Serum are all made in the USA as well which helps provide jobs here in the U.S.