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Our list of the BEST BREASTFEEDING CONTENT on the internet!

Breastfeeding isn't easy and there can be many bumps in the road. We always suggest taking advantage of great content from top Lactation Specialists and even get a personal consult. We promise...it's time well spent.  We have some favorite sites and women who provide great advice and information and some even offer digital one-on-one consults or digital classes.  Breezy Babies Bri is a mom, Registered Nurse, IBCLC Lactation Consultant and Certified Educator of Infant Massage. Bri's passion is teaching all things boobs, babies and breastfeeding. She likes to help ease the transition into parenthood for families all over the world.  She's got a great website at breezybabies.com and a fun and informative Instagram page @breezy_babies and her podcast Breezy Babies Podcast.   Breastfeeding.Support Breastfeeding.Support is a wonderful place to...

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How to heal sore, cracked or blistered nipples.

My nipples are red, sore and cracked, what do I do? Does this sound like you? If yes, then you know latching a baby onto a scabbed, cracked or blistered nipple is like receiving a strong electrical shock. It’s toe curling, teeth clenching pain that can make you want to give up breastfeeding. We’ve been there and felt that and we’re here to tell you there’s hope - Hope to heal your nipples and hope to feed pain free for as long as you’d like to breastfeed your baby. As always, we recommend consulting a Lactation Consultant who can help recognize and diagnose any underlying problems (Some of which we will touch on here) that may be causing sore nipples. What...

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The Fastest Way to Wean Off Nipple Shields

LET'S BE HONEST, nipple shields get a bad rep sometimes and many sites warn against them. They can be a great tool because they allow mother and baby to continue their breastfeeding journey where otherwise it would have ended. They clearly work because they’ve been around for decades though they have come a long way from the old metal and glass versions. Whatever reason a mother starts using a nipple shield, it’s usually meant for temporary use. Nipple shields can be fiddly and messy and are an extra thing your sleep-deprived mom brain has to remember to take everywhere you go. They require cleaning and sanitizing regularly and are sometimes awkward to use when nursing in public. Nipple shields can...

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Back to Mom Reviews and Kind Words

"My 3 month old has an array of health issues that have gotten in the way of breast feeding, including heart defects, torticollis, a high arched palate and a weak uncoordinated suckle. I saw several lactation consultants, had a lip and tongue tie revision, did physical therapy, and feeding therapy nothing was working and I was ready to give up on my dream to breastfeed. My baby was able to latch and suck on a regular nipple shield but was unable to suck hard enough to transfer more than an ounce or so before getting exhausted and falling asleep. Finally I saw this shield with an open ended design and tried it. He took 5 ounces in 12 minutes. LIFE...

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10 Things Every First-time Breast Feeder Should Know

1. Breastfeeding is an adjustment. Although breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful and natural things a mother can do for her baby, it also tends to come with a bit of a learning curve. When babies are first born they usually eat every 2-3 hours. Additionally, moms will need some time to figure out what positions work best for them and baby, as well as practice getting a successful latch. Patience and perseverance are important, especially initially. However, with time and practice, breastfeeding your baby will likely become more and more simple. 2. It’s normal for breasts to leak. Breasts can start leaking colostrum as early as a few weeks before giving birth, however, most of the leaking will...

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