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Natural Connection Shield - Heal from baby biting your nipples

The Back to Mom Natural Connection Shield and bite guard is so new, we’d like to answer some questions about it and share some info on how it works. What is a breastfeeding bite guard? It’s a brand new invention that helps protect your nipple from your baby’s teeth and allows your nipples to heal while still breastfeeding baby regularly.  Why would I need it? If baby is biting your nipple, chomping, or their teeth are rubbing uncomfortably then the Breastfeeding Bite Guard is right for you. It acts as a thin barrier between your baby’s teeth and your nipple. It’s perfect if you have cracked or cut nipples because of biting as it acts as a bandage to allow your nipple...

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How to Make Your Nipple Shield Stick

Make sure you’re applying it right First things first, make sure you are using your nipple shield the right way. It also really helps to make sure you are using the right size nipple shield. After you wash or sanitize it, let it air dry Don't dry your shield with a towel, paper towel or your shirt. When clean, the silicone on the breast-side of the shield is sticky and like tape, if you put cloth or paper towels against it, it will pick up small fibers and lose it's stickiness.  Soak it in warm water Soaking the nipple shield in warm water heats up the shield and makes the silicone more pliable which will help it stick better. The...

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Nipple Shield Weaning With the Back to Mom Kit

Are you sick and tired of using a nipple shield to feed your baby? If you’re like me, every time a middle of the night feeding rolls around, you’re left searching for that clear piece of silicone while your baby screams. It’s maddening. Also if you’re like me, you hop on your phone and spend endless hours reading through articles and posts about how to wean your baby off nipple shields. And again, if you’re anything like me…none of that advice has worked. That’s what led me to invent the Back to Mom nipple shield weaning kit. Finally, there’s something real and tangible that can help your baby kick that nipple shield habit and make your life more stress free...

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When to Wean Baby Off Nipple Shields!

  For whatever reason you began using a nipple shield, one of the most asked questions is how do I get my baby off the nipple shields? Most the time the answer is, as soon as possible. The longer you use nipple shields with your baby, the harder it is and longer it takes to wean them off. Of course, it depends on why you started using a nipple shield in the first place. There are however a few reasons to hold off on weaning your baby off the nipple shied: If your baby is a preemie and is still to small to latch properly without the shield then continuing to use the shield is necessary. The same goes if...

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NIpple Shield Hacks

  Nipple shields are necessary for many of us but they can add to stress and frustration too. here are some great nipple shield hacks we've picked up over the years to help make the nipple shield life easier. Consult a lactation consultant. We always recommend using a nipple shield under the guidance of an IBCLC. They can help correct any latch issues that may have been present before starting to use the nipple shield. Store the shield in your bra. Ditch the carrying cases that add to the list of things you have to remember to take with you everywhere you go and wash regularly. If you simply store the soft silicone nipple shield in your bra between your breasts...

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