Biting while breastfeeding can be painful and cause cut or sore nipples. Help heal your nipples from a teething baby. Its the best way to stop baby from biting nipples while breastfeeding.

Customer Review of the Back to Mom Bite Guard

If baby is biting nipple while breastfeeding then this review will tell you all about the back to mom bite guard nipple shields.

-- Guest Post By Trinity F.--

My third baby was eight-months-old when I first noticed his top teeth coming in. I was immediately nervous because I had unpleasant memories of trying to nurse my second baby when her top teeth came in. Even though she wouldn’t bite me, the simple movement of her nursing pressed her sharp teeth against me so much that they cut me every time I tried to feed her.

Within a few days I was having the same problem with my son with cuts on my nipples that got deeper with each feed. A friend told me about a product called the Back to Mom Natural Connection and breastfeeding bite guard. I decided to give them a try.

The first size I tried was the low coverage shield. The hole didn’t cover quite  enough skin to protect me from my baby’s teeth. So next I tried the taller, high coverage one. Initially it was difficult to get him to accept it because he wasn’t used to anything artificial for eating (like a bottle). However, I was persistent, and within the same day I started breastfeeding him with the guard on. I felt INSTANT relief as the smooth material of the guard allowed my baby to eat while giving me protection.

I cannot recommend this product more highly for mom’s struggling with painful breastfeeding because of your baby’s teeth. I know for sure that I would’ve stopped breastfeeding my baby early had I not found this product. Not only am I grateful that I’ve been able to continue to feed my baby, but also that the time we spend nursing has returned to the beautiful, bonding experience that I cherish. 


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