Breastfeeding Nipple Biting Guard and Nipple Cover - Back to Mom
Breastfeeding Nipple Biting Guard and Nipple Cover - Back to Mom
Breastfeeding Nipple Biting Guard and Nipple Cover - Back to Mom
Breastfeeding Nipple Biting Guard and Nipple Cover - Back to Mom
Breastfeeding Nipple Biting Guard and Nipple Cover - Back to Mom
Breastfeeding Nipple Biting Guard and Open Ended Nipple Shield - Back to Mom

Back to Mom - Breastfeeding Bite Guard and Nipple Cover

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Are you left with teeth and bite-marks from breastfeeding your little one?  Do you need temporary nipple coverage while nursing until you heal?  Do you have sore, cracked or chapped nipples? Introducing the Back to Mom Breastfeeding Bite Guard and Nipple Cover. This open ended nipple shield allows baby to access the nipple while creating a guard against baby's teeth. This helps to prevent agitation and damage from nipple biting.  It also helps cover sore, chaffed nipples by providing a temporary barrier for Mom until ready to resume natural breastfeeding.  Our goal with this product is to allow for natural breastfeeding with the added protection of a thin, skin-like layer to protect Mom from nipple biting, chomping or teeth friction. Don't let those sweet little teeth end your breastfeeding journey. 

  • PREVENT PERMENANT SCARS: Guard yourself against baby's teeth.  Best fit for Moms who use 24mm shields.
  • BARELY THERE: Designed for maximum skin-to-skin contact. 
    • SKIN-LIKE FEEL: Unique silky texture to feel just like Mom's skin.  
    • MEDICAL-GRADE SILICONE: Latex-free and BPA-free.
    • NURSING/BREASTFEEDING BANDAGE: Gives Mom time to heal without skipping feeds.
    • PROTECTS SORE NIPPLES:  Gives Mom some protection as needed to help continue her breastfeeding journey.
    • OPEN ENDED NIPPLE SHIELD/PARTIAL BREASTFEEDING NIPPLE COVER:  Still gives baby the skin-to-skin contact while providing a cover for Mom.

    SIZING: The size that is right for you will depend on where your baby's teeth are contacting your nipple as well as the shape of your nipple and baby's mouth. The low profile shield will allow for more access to the nipple and only protect where the nipple meets the areola. It's best for moms with shorter/flatter nipples The high profile shield will give more coverage to the base of the nipple and is best for moms with longer/protruding nipples.   

    What's Included?  1 open ended low and high profile silicone shield.  Both the high and low profile silicone shields are included in the biting guard kit.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Love it!

    I seriously wanted to quit breastfeeding. I was sore all the time. Now I've been using these to feed my baby and it's been such a great product! I alternate from the high to the low depending on which side I'm feeding from. I love that it still allows me to have contact with my baby. I'm very happy I found this before giving up.

    Great kit!

    I ordered the high and low kit. Ended up just using the high mold. The low just didn't work to well for me... My baby took a little time to adjust, I've never really used a shield. But once adjusted it works great. I take it everywhere I go to help deal with feeling sore. A great product for anyone struggling with sore nipples!

    Don’t know if you don’t try

    It was worth the try and the idea is great. Unfortunately it did not work for us.

    Helps sore nipples before and after

    I've struggled since removing my nipple shield to feed my baby girl. My nipples were sore and I'd always stop early. I debated stopping all together. I tried the low model of the bite guard, it worked like a charm. I now can have contact with my baby while feeding! this has been a huge bonding experience! I'd definitely recommend this product! Just be patient, don't get frustrated if your baby takes a minute to transition. I have two of these now and take them everywhere I go. The ladies were very nice to work with!


    I cannot recommend this product more highly. I know for sure that I would’ve stopped breastfeeding my baby early had I not found this product. Not only am I grateful that I’ve been able to continue to feed my baby, but also that the time we spend nursing has returned to the beautiful, bonding experience that I cherish.