Weaning off nipple shields the easy way tiwht the Back to Mom Nipple Shield Weaning kit. This partial coverage shield is perfect for healing chapped nipples. It's the fasted way to wean off nipple shields.
Back To Mom - Nipple Shield Weaning Kit - Back to Mom
Back To Mom - Nipple Shield Weaning Kit - Back to Mom
Back To Mom - Nipple Shield Weaning Kit - Back to Mom
Back To Mom - Nipple Shield Weaning Kit - Back to Mom

Back To Mom - Nipple Shield Weaning Kit

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Are you looking for a way on how to get baby off the nipple shield? Introducing the world's first and only NIPPLE SHIELD WEANING KIT! Lactation consultants recommend weaning off the nipple shield and getting baby back to mom as soon as possible. We make the nipple shield weaning process easier with this 3-step system to say goodbye to nipple shields for good.  Our patent pending design gives mom the option to choose how much or how little contact is desired.  Each shield is progressively shorter which allows more access directly to Mom's nipple.  Our shields are specially molded with soft round edges for baby's mouth.  This kit also helps protect Mom from any unwanted biting or agitation during breastfeeding. Say goodbye to the shield forever and start your shield free breastfeeding journey with the Back To Mom Nipple Shield Weaning kit!

  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED: Each shield is molded with soft round edges for baby's mouths
  • 3 STEP SYSTEM: Gradually introduces Mom's nipple. 
  • DITCH THE SHIELD: Best fit for Moms who use 24mm shields.
    • SKIN-LIKE FEEL: Unique silky texture to feel just like Mom's skin.  
    • FOOD-GRADE SILICONE: Latex-free and BPA-free.
    • HELPS PROTECT MOM FROM BABY'S TEETH: Varied heights allows for contact while protecting Mom.
    • NURSING/BREASTFEEDING BANDAGE:  Helps Mom heal until ready for removal while still giving contact.

    What's Included in the kit?  3 open ended nipple shields that get shorter and reduce baby's desire for the shield with each step.  

    See the instructions here

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews

    I haven’t used it yet. It’s too large to transition any of my moms and babies off of. If you made a smaller size the idea is genius

    Saving Grace

    We used a 24mm medela nipple shield since the day after my daughters birth due to shallow latching. We went on with it for almost 4 months as she pretty much refused to nurse without it. I’d try feeding then take it off and latch her but she wouldn’t do it, she’d just get frustrated. So I gave in and bought this kit and it was worth it! Granted it did make my nipples sore because the way the baby pulls it through the shield but she didn’t need the shield after ONE DAY of use!! (Every baby is different though some will take longer). Customer service was wonderful - when I emailed them about the “rubbing” of my nipple against the shield and how it felt like it was blistering, they replied within 24 hours with a thorough email, not an automated one which I expected. Anyway, then I kept trying to use a shield on and off when my nipples just hurt from her nursing (she never nursed without a shield so it was like the beginning of breastfeeding for my nipples lol) and she would refuse to nurse! Not to mention I am 99% sure I’m having more letdowns without using a nipple shield now and she’s gaining weight better. Very very thankful for this product!!!

    Too wide

    The shields are too wide for my baby’s mouth and he gets frustrated immediately. I’m currently using a 20mm shield and these seem to be even bigger than 24mm. Maybe it would work for someone using a 24mm shield but for anyone with smaller nipples these are just too big

    Life saver

    I tried so many things to weaning my 2 months old from nipple shield and no success. I started google around and found this product which reading the reviews was my last hope. I tried and tried, first with the step 1 and after other steps but the step 1 was the one that my baby away sucking more so I stick with that one.. sometimes she was getting frustrated and didn’t want take so I had to go back to the shield. Anyway, after a month I’m happy to say that worked and she is happy sucking my real nipples. Very satisfied with the customer service provided here and the encouragement to help me. I would say that you just need to be consistent and patient so the product will eventually work. Good luck to other mamas!

    Immediate improvement

    My baby had her first feed in over a month without a shield the same day I started using this product. She didn’t like the first size so took the natural breast in preference, and has happily fed on the smaller sizes and naturally since. Amazing! The service was also exceptional: they made arrangements so that the product could be sent to me in Australia, and were so lovely to communicate with. I felt reassured and confident that I could overcome the shield. Thank you so much!!!