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Weaning off nipple shields the easy way tiwht the Back to Mom Nipple Shield Weaning kit. This partial coverage shield is perfect for healing chapped nipples. It's the fasted way to wean off nipple shields.
Back To Mom - Nipple Shield Weaning Kit - Back to Mom
Back To Mom - Nipple Shield Weaning Kit - Back to Mom
Back To Mom - Nipple Shield Weaning Kit - Back to Mom
Back To Mom - Nipple Shield Weaning Kit - Back to Mom

Back To Mom - Nipple Shield Weaning Kit

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Are you looking for a way on how to get baby off the nipple shield? Introducing the world's first and only Patent Pending NIPPLE SHIELD WEANING KIT! Lactation consultants recommend weaning off the nipple shield and getting baby back to mom as soon as possible. We make the nipple shield weaning process easier with this 3-step system to say goodbye to nipple shields for good.  Our patent pending design gives mom the option to choose how much or how little contact is desired.  Each shield is progressively shorter which allows more access directly to Mom's nipple.  Our shields are specially molded with soft round edges for baby's mouth.  This kit also helps protect Mom from any unwanted biting or agitation during breastfeeding. Say goodbye to the shield forever and start your shield free breastfeeding journey with the Back To Mom Nipple Shield Weaning kit!

  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED: Each shield is molded with soft round edges for baby's mouths
  • 3 STEP SYSTEM: Gradually introduces Mom's nipple. 
  • DITCH THE SHIELD: Best fit for Moms who use 20mm-24mm shields.
    • SKIN-LIKE FEEL: Unique silky texture to feel just like Mom's skin.  
    • FOOD-GRADE SILICONE: Latex-free and BPA-free.
    • HELPS PROTECT MOM FROM BABY'S TEETH: Varied heights allows for contact while protecting Mom.
    • NURSING/BREASTFEEDING BANDAGE:  Helps Mom heal until ready for removal while still giving contact.

    What's Included in the kit?  3 open ended nipple shields that get shorter and reduce baby's desire for the shield with each step.  

    See the instructions here

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Saba Zahir

    Looks like an awesome product! My son ended up latching on without a nipple shield about a day before this product shipped... but it is definitely a great idea!

    Taylor Barton
    So helpful!!

    Though I never got to the level 3 shield, I was using the level 2 shield about 50% of the time and my baby would always take the level 1. Suddenly one day, he just ditched the shields all together! I believe that the kit helped us get rid of the shield!

    Lindsey Woodruff
    Incredible concept, but needs sizing

    I loved the concept of this weaning kit and was so excited to give it a go! Unfortunately, it didn’t work well as I had hoped. The shields only come in one side (looked like 24mm), and I needed a 20 or 21mm shield. My baby would get frustrated because it was way too big for his mouth and he couldn’t latch well. I would absolutely try it again if it was made in a smaller size!

    Jesse R.
    Like magic

    I was absolutely stunned. I couldn’t believe how well and how quickly this worked for me. I was started on a nipple shield by an overnight nurse who couldn’t help me get my baby latched right and didn’t have the time to deal with a sleep deprived first time mom who was crying that she was failing her baby. After that moment he would scream without the nipple shield. No ties, no nipple issues. I think it just let him being lazy with his latch. When I tried to wean him at two months I saw this product and passed it by, thinking that all the methods I’d read online would work. By 5 months I was willing to try anything to not have to fight with a nipple shield at every feeding. I was definitely skeptical. One day was all it took. He didn’t even use the middle one. After I got him to latch with the biggest one we didn’t go back to a regular shield. We went back and forth from the smallest to largest for about a day and that was it. He was back on the breast for the first time since his first day of life. The next two days he fussed on and off, especially with longer feedings, but e didn’t need a nipple shield or even the back to mom anymore. By a week it was like the nipple shield had never existed. My only regret is passing this up the first time I saw it. Well worth the money.

    Unfortunately didn't work for us

    I was hopeful that this would be the key to weaning my baby onto bare breast but unfortunately this product didn’t work for us. My little one was 10 weeks old when we tried this product. She latched successfully a couple of times first thing in the morning which gave me great hope, however I did find it slightly painful as my nipple stretched through the opening. She quickly became extremely frustrated with it and refused it, and began refusing the regular shield as well. We are now pumping bottles and supplementing with formula. Looking back I believe a big part of why this product didn’t work for us was because of a shallow or improper latch to begin with. If I had known how to correct her latch early on I think this product could have worked for us. It’s a great concept, and was definitely worth a try.