Back To Mom - Nipple Shield Weaning Kit - Back to Mom
Back To Mom - Nipple Shield Weaning Kit - Back to Mom
Back To Mom - Nipple Shield Weaning Kit - Back to Mom
Back To Mom - Nipple Shield Weaning Kit - Back to Mom
Back To Mom - Nipple Shield Weaning Kit - Back to Mom

Back To Mom - Nipple Shield Weaning Kit

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Are you looking for a way on how to get baby off the nipple shield? Introducing the world's first and only NIPPLE SHIELD WEANING KIT! Lactation consultants recommend weaning off the nipple shield and getting baby back to mom as soon as possible. We make the nipple shield weaning process easier with this 3-step system to say goodbye to nipple shields for good.  Our patent pending design gives mom the option to choose how much or how little contact is desired.  Each shield is progressively shorter which allows more access directly to Mom's nipple.  Our shields are specially molded with soft round edges for baby's mouth.  This kit also helps protect Mom from any unwanted biting or agitation during breastfeeding. Say goodbye to the shield forever and start your shield free breastfeeding journey with the Back To Mom Nipple Shield Weaning kit!

  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED: Each shield is molded with soft round edges for baby's mouths
  • 3 STEP SYSTEM: Gradually introduces Mom's nipple. 
  • DITCH THE SHIELD: Best fit for Moms who use 24mm shields.
    • SKIN-LIKE FEEL: Unique silky texture to feel just like Mom's skin.  
    • FOOD-GRADE SILICONE: Latex-free and BPA-free.
    • HELPS PROTECT MOM FROM BABY'S TEETH: Varied heights allows for contact while protecting Mom.
    • NURSING/BREASTFEEDING BANDAGE:  Helps Mom heal until ready for removal while still giving contact.

    What's Included in the kit?  3 open ended nipple shields that get shorter and reduce baby's desire for the shield with each step. 

    See the instructions here

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Immediate improvement

    My baby had her first feed in over a month without a shield the same day I started using this product. She didn’t like the first size so took the natural breast in preference, and has happily fed on the smaller sizes and naturally since. Amazing! The service was also exceptional: they made arrangements so that the product could be sent to me in Australia, and were so lovely to communicate with. I felt reassured and confident that I could overcome the shield. Thank you so much!!!

    Figured it out

    I had to switch between shields until I found what worked best. The middle shield is actually where I ended up starting. But it worked! The ladies at this company were quick to respond to any question I had!

    Not effective

    The step 1 shield is cut too wide. It’s too much of a difference from a regular nipple shield and my baby won’t take to it. Back to square one with trying to wean.

    It works!

    I bought this because my daughter wouldn’t nurse from me since I had been using nipple shields for three months, since her birth. I am happy to say she is nursing with no shield after just one week! I would highly recommend this weaning kit.

    Glad I found this

    Great team to work with. Very helpful and open. Would recommend this product.