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Best nipple shield. Most natural nipple shield. Avoid nipple confusion and low milk supply with this open ended nipple shield. Baby can suckle nipple through shield and access nipple.
Best nipple shield for nipple pain, blisters, cracks or cuts on nipples. It is an open ended nipple shield that allows nipples to heal and protects against babies teeth while breastfeeding. It's a great nipple shield option.
Breastfeeding Nipple Biting Guard and Open Ended Nipple Shield - Back to Mom. Stop painful latch, low milk supply, sore nipples with this open ended natural nipple shield. It allows direct connection between baby and the nipple while relieving pain. It's the perfect nipple shield for pain when breastfeeding. it helps with baby biting nipples while breastfeeding as well. it sticks really well  to the breast.
Best nipple shield for a weak suckle. this open ended shield allows for faster milk flow which can keep milk supply up while using a shield. It is the best sticking and best feeling nipple shield. Made in the USA it helps prevent sore nipple from shallow or painful latch. Relieve pain while allowing natural breastfeeding
Worried about low milk supply from nipple shield These direct contact open ended shield allow contact to keep milk supply up while using a nipple shield. It protects against painful latch, biting, blisters, cracks and sore nipples. Best new nipple shield made in the USA
This low coverage open ended nipple shield is new. it is the best way to heal nipples from baby biting and baby teeth while breastfeeding. Stop baby from biting with this shield. Allow nipple to be sucked through this nipple shield to fix painful latch and low milk supply from nipple shields.
Fix low milk supply from nipple shield with this direct contact nipple shield. it allows baby to access nipple while using a nipple shield. it helps heal nipples from blister, cracks, cut or bleeding nipples from breastfeeding. Breastfeeding does not need to be painful. This is the best nipple shield on the market and works to heal nipples.

Back to Mom - Natural Connection Nipple Shield

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  • OPEN ENDED NIPPLE SHIELD/PARTIAL NIPPLE PROTECTION: With its patent pending open ended design it allows baby to suck mom's nipple through the shield for direct contact while providing just enough coverage. 
  • 2 LEVELS OF COVERAGE: We offer a High and Low coverage option or you can get the kit of both to have flexibility to change it up. Our shields are best for 21mm-26mm nipples.
  • BARELY THERE: Designed for maximum skin-to-skin contact. 
  • SKIN-LIKE FEEL: Unique silky texture to feel just like Mom's skin.  
  • MEDICAL-GRADE SILICONE: Latex-free and BPA-free.
  • NURSING/BREASTFEEDING BANDAGE: Gives Mom time to heal without skipping feeds.
  • PROTECTS SORE NIPPLES:  Gives Mom some protection as needed to help continue her breastfeeding journey.
  • PREVENT NIPPLE SCARS: Guard yourself against baby's teeth. 

Are you left with sore, blistered or cracked nipples from breastfeeding your little one?  Do you need temporary nipple coverage while nursing until you heal?  Introducing the Back to Mom Natural Connection Shield and Breastfeeding Bite Guard. This open ended nipple shield allows baby to access the nipple directly while creating a guard against friction from suckling and teeth. This helps to prevent agitation and damage to the nipple.  It will bring relief to Mom as it helps cover sore, chaffed nipples by providing a temporary barrier for Mom until ready to resume natural breastfeeding.  Our goal with this product is to allow for natural breastfeeding with the added protection of a thin, skin-like layer to protect Mom from pain. It also helps babies who have a weak suckle to move milk more efficiently than a regular nipple shield.  Great alternative to standard nipple shields!

Customer Reviews

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Ny O
Nice idea but didn't work for me

I was hoping to find a solution for my son continually biting me during nursing. I tried the standard nipple shields, and they just encouraged more biting. I was hoping these would work better with the nipple exposed, but unfortunately they did not curb the interest to explore the new texture (i.e. biting :-( ).

Estrella Guillen
I wanted to like it

I bought several nipple shields because one of my twins bites and the other twin doesn’t know how to control flow. So far I haven’t been successful in finding a nipple shield that has helped both. This particular one is very very thin and didn’t provide any protection from biting with their gums.

Leah Matthews
Doesn’t work for biting

Seems like a good quality product for other issues, but didn’t help me at all. The reviews and product description weren’t totally clear about whether it might curtail the gumming/clamping nursing style my little one uses instead of sucking, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. I didn’t really expect it to work, so no big deal, but just to make it clear to anyone else - the cover does nothing to stop an infant from clamping down & bruising your nipple.

Emily Payte

My baby refuses to nurse with it

Lisa D.
Saved my nipples

This saved my nipples from permanent damage! I was given a traditional nipple shield by the lactation nurse in the hospital because I was experiencing a lot of pain and blisters. In the following weeks I continued to use it while working with my son to fix a tongue tie and latch issues that caused pain. The problem was, my son sucked so hard that my nipple was sucked through the small holes at the end of the nipple shield and I was left with 4 bumps that would last longer and longer after each feed. I saw this open ended shield and knew it was exactly what I needed. My nipple was protected where is poor latch had bee causing pain but the end of my nipple was saved from having 4 permanent blister marks. Once we had to wean off shields it was so fast and easy to just step down to the low open ended shield and eventually no shield. I wish I would have used this nipple shield from the start!