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Best Mom Quotes

  We love moms and empowering women. We wanted to create some eye catching sharable and printable graphics of our favorite mom quotes to help moms feel inspired in their breastfeeding journeys.  Please tag us with #backtomom or @backtomom Enjoy!  "We are imperfect humans raising imperfect humans, and that's perfectly okay." - L.N. Knost   If at the end of the day, everyone feels loved, then you have done enough.    "Becoming a mom means your baby is the one up all night drinking...But you get to be hungover."   "You're exactly the mother you're children need." "Just as flowers turn to the sun, babies turn to their mothers. Such is nature's way." - Sara-Joy Amin We don't only create quotes for...

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Can I just cut my nipple shield?

If you’re caught in the midst of the nipple shield weaning battle you may be tempted to just snip the end off (we’ve been there). You may have even heard it’s a good way to wean. Let's clear that up....IT’S NOT! We’re going to talk about why cutting a nipple shield is not a good idea and a better and safe way to wean off nipple shields. First let’s discuss why you would want to wean off nipple shields. While using a nipple shield long term can be done and is needed in some situations but, there are many reasons you’d want to wean off nipple shields. Direct mouth to skin contact – Did you know during breastfeeding your body...

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Customer Review of the Back to Mom Bite Guard

-- Guest Post By Trinity F.-- My third baby was eight-months-old when I first noticed his top teeth coming in. I was immediately nervous because I had unpleasant memories of trying to nurse my second baby when her top teeth came in. Even though she wouldn’t bite me, the simple movement of her nursing pressed her sharp teeth against me so much that they cut me every time I tried to feed her. Within a few days I was having the same problem with my son with cuts on my nipples that got deeper with each feed. A friend told me about a product called the Back to Mom Natural Connection and breastfeeding bite guard. I decided to give them a...

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Breastfeeding Bite Guard - Heal from baby biting your nipples

The Back to Mom Breastfeeding Bite Guard is so new, we’d like to answer some questions about it and share some info on how it works. What is a breastfeeding bite guard? It’s a brand new invention that helps protect your nipple from your baby’s teeth and allows your nipples to heal while still breastfeeding baby regularly.  Why would I need it? If baby is biting your nipple, chomping, or their teeth are rubbing uncomfortably then the Breastfeeding Bite Guard is right for you. It acts as a thin barrier between your baby’s teeth and your nipple. It’s perfect if you have cracked or cut nipples because of biting as it acts as a bandage to allow your nipple to...

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How to Make Your Nipple Shield Stick

Make sure you’re applying it right First things first, make sure you are using your nipple shield the right way. It also really helps to make sure you are using the right size nipple shield. Soak it in warm water Soaking the nipple shield in warm water heats up the shield and makes the silicone more pliable which will help it stick better. The shield being warm is a bonus because it emulates your natural nipple which is body temperature all the time. To warm your shield just hold your shield in a bowl of warm water. Make sure the water is not too hot as it can burn you or your baby. Use lanolin Lanolin can help act as...

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