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Keeping Your Milk Supply Up While Using a Nipple Shield

Worrying about if your baby is getting enough breast milk is a concern as old as the human race. It’s hard to tell just how much milk your baby is getting and can leave you wondering if you are making enough. Nipple shields add to the worry as they can lead to a lower milk supply. This article will help clarify things and give some great tips on keeping your milk supply up while breastfeeding. Most every woman’s body has the ability to produce enough milk for their baby but there are a few things that can cause your milk supply to drop. Your milk supply is based mostly on demand but researchers are still studying exactly what can cause...

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Nipple Shield Pros and Cons

So many sites warn against using a nipple shield but lets face it, when your nips are feeling like they’ve been chewed on by piranhas then dipped in salt, it’s time to use one. Sometimes you just need it and chances are if you are here you are already using one. So we’re going to share some Pros and Cons to help make the process smoother and better for mom and baby. PROS: Giving Mom’s nipples an opportunity to heal without having to introduce a bottle too early to baby. Premature babies are able to latch more easily to a nipple shield than on mom’s bare breast. Babies who are unable to latch onto mom’s bare breast, because mom has...

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How to Choose the Right Size Nipple Shield

Is your nipple shield the right size? Needing the correct size nipple shield to feed your baby is just like needing the right size shoes to run. And let’s face it, breastfeeding is a marathon, not a sprint so a wrong fit can make a huge difference through all that use. If you don’t have the right size, not only are your baby’s efforts to get milk not as effective as they can be but it can leave you feeling uncomfortable and sore. The correct size nipple shield will allow you to effectively and comfortably feed your baby. This leads to increased milk supply and a happy baby. Did you know that your nipples can change size throughout your breastfeeding...

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Nipple Shield Dos and Don'ts

Whatever your reason for using a nipple shield, the goal is always the same – To extend or give you the ability to breastfeed baby without having to introduce formula. If you’re new to the idea of using a nipple shield or struggling in some way, we’re glad you found Back to Mom. We’d like to share some simple Do’s and Don’ts: Dos: Work with a lactation consultant so they can show you how to properly latch baby on the shield. A poor latch on the shield can re-enforce suckling problems or poor latching problems and even make them worse. Monitor your baby to make sure they are getting enough milk by tracking wet and soiled diapers. Make sure you...

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