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How to Make Your Nipple Shield Stick

How to keep your nipple shield from moving around. This is the best way to get your nipple shield to stick. We have a few simple tips on how to get your nipple shield to stick and how to wean off the nipple shield.

Make sure you’re applying it right

First things first, make sure you are using your nipple shield the right way. It also really helps to make sure you are using the right size nipple shield.

After you wash or sanitize it, let it air dry

Don't dry your shield with a towel, paper towel or your shirt. When clean, the silicone on the breast-side of the shield is sticky and like tape, if you put cloth or paper towels against it, it will pick up small fibers and lose it's stickiness. 

Soak it in warm water

Soaking the nipple shield in warm water heats up the shield and makes the silicone more pliable which will help it stick better. The shield being warm is a bonus because it emulates your natural nipple which is body temperature all the time.

To warm your shield just hold your shield in a bowl of warm water. Make sure the water is not too hot as it can burn you or your baby.

Use lanolin

Lanolin can help act as an adhesive and keep the nipple shield adhered to your breast and keep it from moving around to much. It’s also great because lanolin is considered safe for babies too.

Just apply a small amount of lanolin to the underside of the outer section (non-nipple section) of the shield and then put the shield on your breast.

Hold the shield in place

If you aren’t concerned about hands free breastfeeding then just using your hand to hold it in place might be the easiest and fastest way to keep your nipple shield in place. Try using these breastfeeding positions for using nipple shields to see what works best for you.

Another benefit of getting comfortable holding your shield like this is it makes it easier when you are ready to wean your baby off the nipple shield. With your hand right there it’s easier to switch to a Back to Mom shield or no shield at all half way through the feed.

Let us know if you have any tricks you use to keep your nipple shield in place.


How to get your nipple shield to stick. There are some great ways to get your nipple shield to stick. Weaning off the nipple shield is the best way to feed baby.

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