How to use a nipple shield the right way

How to use a nipple shield the right way

How to use a nipple shield

Nipple shields provide a great short-term solution for many breastfeeding challenges, but it’s important they are used properly. For many moms breastfeeding doesn’t always go as planned. Breastfeeding troubles are common and definitely don’t make you any less of a good mother. Nipple shields have a purpose and can be very useful in extending the ability to breastfeed in many situations such as:

  • Premature babies
  • Flat, short, or inverted nipples
  • Sore nipples
  • Nipple confusion

Using a nipple shield the correct way is important to make sure baby can effectively get milk from the breast.

Step 0. Take a big breath and relax. Pat yourself on the back for doing what you need to keep baby happy and healthy and let go of any guilt you might have for needing a nipple shield.

Nipple shield instructions

Step 1. Use your fingers to invert (or flip up) the outside of the nipple shield and part of the teat.

Nipple Shield Weaning

Step 2. Position the shield over the center of your nipple. Position the cut-out sections in the right spots for the baby’s nose and chin.

How to use a nipple shield the right way

Step 3. Let the flipped up part of the shield unroll on to your breast covering your nipple. You nipple should be drawn into the teat. If you’ve placed it correctly, there should be a small gap between the tip of your nipple and the end of the nipple shield crown. If your nipple is touching the tip of the crown, the nipple shield is too small.
Step 4. Aim the crown of the nipple shield at the tip of the baby’s nose. Once the baby opens wide, direct the nipple shield towards the baby’s palate to ensure a proper latch.
Step 5. Lactation consultants and breastfeeding counselors can give you guidance and advice on the right way to use nipple shields. Make sure to let them know if your nipples are sore, flat, or distorted because of breastfeeding.
How to use a nipple shield the right way
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