Stop baby from biting nipple while breastfeeding with the nipple biting guard. This partial coverage nipple shield can allow you to heal sore nipples from baby biting

Natural Connection Shield - Heal from baby biting your nipples

Baby is biting my nipple while breastfeeding. If this sounds like you then the breastfeeding bite guard is right for you. It protects your nipple from baby's teeth and allows your nipple to heal while you still breastfeed.

The Back to Mom Natural Connection Shield and bite guard is so new, we’d like to answer some questions about it and share some info on how it works.

What is a breastfeeding bite guard?

It’s a brand new invention that helps protect your nipple from your baby’s teeth and allows your nipples to heal while still breastfeeding baby regularly. 

Why would I need it?

If baby is biting your nipple, chomping, or their teeth are rubbing uncomfortably then the Breastfeeding Bite Guard is right for you. It acts as a thin barrier between your baby’s teeth and your nipple. It’s perfect if you have cracked or cut nipples because of biting as it acts as a bandage to allow your nipple to heal.

Is my baby biting my nipple normal?

Yes, many women experience their baby biting them or their baby's teeth rubbing their nipple at some point. But, just because it's normal, doesn't mean you have to tough out the pain or wean your baby. That's why we invented the Natural Connection Nipple Shield - so mom's can comfortably breastfeed their babies even if they bite and heal their nipples in the process. 

What does the Breastfeeding Bite Guard Look Like?

If you are struggling with baby biting your nipple while breastfeeding and saying this baby is biting my nipple then the breastfeeding bite guard is right for you. It comes in high and low.

Why is a Natural Connection shield better than a regular nipple shield?

A regular nipple shield is fully enclosed. This will protect you from baby’s teeth but it also prevents direct contact between your baby’s mouth and your nipple. There are many benefits of having direct contact including milk supply and your body’s ability to tailor breastmilk to your baby’s current needs. It is also not as habit forming as a regular nipple shield is.

How does the Natural Connection/Breastfeeding Bite guard work?

It works by acting as a barrier between your baby’s teeth and your nipple. Because it’s open ended it allows baby to suck your nipple through the guard but protect just the area where your baby’s teeth meet your skin. If you have cut nipples and are wondering how to heal them, the bite guard is perfect.

How do I know which Natural Connection size is right for me?



Does it matter what size my nipples are?

The diameter of our nipple shield is 24mm. So if you use a 24 mm flange for pumping or used a 24mm nipple shield in the past, these will be perfect for you. They do also work for small and larger nipples but might require a little more trial and error to get them to work for you. We also offer 2 different heights depending on how long your nipples are and where your baby’s teeth are meeting your nipple. We suggest buying the kit with both to give you the flexibility to try different things and see what gives you the best coverage and comfort.

How do I use the Natural Connection Nipple Shield?



How long should I use the Natural Connection Nipple Shield?

This all depends on how long you experience discomfort from your baby’s teeth. Sometimes nipple biting is short lived and is just a phase baby goes through because of teething, a cold, needing attention etc. Many moms use if for a few weeks to a couple months and then stop using it. Sometimes they end up using it again during their journey as the habit of biting can re-occur because of some of the reasons mentioned above. You can also use the bite guard long term. Because the shield allows baby direct access to the nipple it shouldn’t affect your supply or baby’s ability to effectively get milk. We do suggest that you consult a certified lactation consultant for any long term persistent problems.


If you choose to use the Natural Connection Shield, here's some great tips on how to keep your milk supply up while using a nipple shield and how to get your nipple shield to stick. 


If your baby is biting while breastfeeding and you have sore nipples from baby biting then using a nipple bite guard will help you heal. If you have purple or cracked nipples this protects you from baby's teeth

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