NIpple Shield Hacks

NIpple Shield Hacks

The best mom hacks for nipple shield users. Including the best way to wean off nipple shields. The best tips for using nipple shields.


Nipple shields are necessary for many of us but they can add to stress and frustration too. here are some great nipple shield hacks we've picked up over the years to help make the nipple shield life easier.

IBCLCs can help you wean off the nipple shield and help you with using nipple shields.

Consult a lactation consultant. We always recommend using a nipple shield under the guidance of an IBCLC. They can help correct any latch issues that may have been present before starting to use the nipple shield.

Best nipple shield hack. Store nipple shields in your bra until you wean your baby off nipple shields. it's the most convenient way to keep your nipple shields close by.

Store the shield in your bra. Ditch the carrying cases that add to the list of things you have to remember to take with you everywhere you go and wash regularly. If you simply store the soft silicone nipple shield in your bra between your breasts you’ll ensure you’ll always have it with you and ready to go no matter where you are. A bonus is that it will always smell like you and it will be warm.

 Sanitizing kit for nipple shields is a great nipple shield hack. After you wean baby from nipple shields you can use them for pumping equipment.

Use a microwave steam kit. Disinfecting your nipple shield and other baby feeding supplies regularly is recommended. Sanitizing can be timely with boiling and drying. A great hack is using a microwave sanitizing kit. It only takes about 3 minutes to use and works great to keep your nipple shields bacteria free.

 Keep many nipple shields on hand so you don't get stuck without one.

Keep more than one nipple shield on hand. You don’t ever want to be stuck with a crying hungry baby while you run around the house searching for your nipple shield. Keeping a few extras around can help ensure you can always easily find one. We suggest having one for your diaper bag, one by your nursing chair you use and one by your bed if you nurse baby in bed at night. Make sure to clean them regularly and put them back in their spots.

 Best way to wean off nipple shields. Nipple shield weaning is fast and easy with the Back to Mom nipple shield weaning kit.

Use the Back to Mom Nipple Shield Weaning kit to help wean off the shield. Babies get addicted to the feeling of nipple shields and it can be difficult to wean them from it. The Back to Mom kit was created to help speed up the process and make it easier on you and baby.

 Baby using teeth while nursing. Use the Back to Mom shield to protect yourself.

Back to Mom shield can be used to protect you from biting. Don’t be a mom left with lifelong scars from the teeth impressions your baby leaves on your nipples. The lowest profile (Shield 3) from the Back to Mom nipple shield weaning kit can also be used if your baby has issues with biting or clamping down.  It allows baby to pull your nipple through the shield while creating a barrier between your sensitive skin and baby’s teeth.


Let us know what nipple shield hacks you use!

Nipple shield haks and best mom hacks. These are he best tips for moms who use nipple shields. It also includes the best way to wean off nipple shields.

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