Don't miss those precious moments

Don't miss those precious moments

Back to mom review. Does back to mom work? info about back to mom nipple shield weaning kit

I would have missed out on these moments that I so badly wanted to have! 

- By @life_withher

Little background story, when Andie was born she had jaundice and to get it sorted out we were told to feed her every two hours, so with our doctor we decided to also supplement her with some formula. Because we had started her on a bottle right away she had a hard time with her latch and I nearly gave up on nursing all together. With one last shot at trying we tried using a shield which had the same texture as a bottle and she latched right away!

Problem solved right - wrong - for the next 100 days she used that shield every. single. feeding. Again, at this point I almost gave up, I googled everything under the sun on how to wean her off of it and I came across @backtomom. She has created a 3 stage weaning kit and I figured I would give it one last LAST shot before I threw in the towel.

The kit arrived quickly and we started that day. The step 1 was very similar to the shield we were using (with the end open) I was surprised that she took to it right away. The next day I decided to try skipping right to the stage 3 just to see if she could do it, AND SHE DID! We used that for two more days and within 3 days total we were off the shields completely!

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I really wanted to share this with anyone and everyone that I can because, in my experience people are often discouraged from using a shield and had we not tried it I wouldn’t have been able to nurse Andie at all, and although those 100 days were they longest 100 days, @backtomom got us to exactly where we wanted to be! Thank you Lindsey for creating this great product, more people need to know about this.

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