How to Successfully use the Pink Pump

How to Successfully use the Pink Pump

The Pink Pump is a manual silicone pump or sometimes referred to as a milk catcher because it's main purpose is to catch milk on one side while you are actively feeding baby on the other. 

The Pink Pump is the perfect way to build a freezer milk stash without feeling like you are chained to an electric pump between feedings. 

The Pink Pump is most effective when it is put on correctly. Attaching it correctly can also help it from getting bumped off and spilling milk. See the instructions and video demonstration below on how to correctly use the pump. 

Instructions on how to attach the Pink Pump:

  1. Flip the flange inside out and hold it back.
  2. Center your nipple in the opening.
  3. Squeeze as much air as you can from the pump and press to your nipple.
  4. Release the pump and flip the flange over the breast. You should see your nipple be gently pulled part way in to the pump. 

Additional tips for using the Pink Pump

 Using a pump lubricant like Nip Fix can help increase your milk output 

Lastly, this is the best way to breastfeed with a silicone  pump:


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