Tips to wean off nipple shields from a Back to Mom customer

Tips to wean off nipple shields from a Back to Mom customer

We know sometimes It's hard to take advice from the company trying to sell you their product. So we thought we would share this awesome video from one of our customers wither her experience and tips about using the Back to Mom Nipple Shield Weaning Kit. 

Brittany and Chelsea's Story

Brittany is the mom of Chelsea. They were given a nipple shield early on when Chelsea was having issues latching. Like many babies who use traditional nipple shields, Chelsea was struggling to gain weight. She struggled to pull milk through the nipple shield effectively. This led little Chelsea to fall from the 60th percentile down to 5th percentile in weight within a month. 

Brittany heard about the Back to Mom Nipple Shield Weaning Kit and introduced the Step 1 shield during a feed. Chelsea struggled with the change and didn't want to accept it so Brittany laid off trying it for a while. When she noticed Chelsea being more interested at putting other stuff in her mouth she introduced the Step 1 shield again and Chelsea accepted it. Instantly, Brittany saw a change in Chelsea's ability to feed. She was filling up and finishing her feeds in just 10 minutes( it was taking 40 mins to an hour previously).

After one week Chelsea's weight was trending up for the first time since birth!! Brittany was able to step her down through the Step 2 Shield and eventually the step 3 and off shields all together. 

Watch her story below:

Brittany has a few tips and tricks to share too:

  1. Introduce the new nipple shield when baby is sleepy. Doing this allowed her to latch baby a few times and be able to know that she was able to latch and get milk from this new shield. So when baby would refuse it, she knew it was just preference. This knowledge pushed her to persevere and continue trying and being patient rather than just giving up on using the Back to Mom shields. 
  2. If baby is hungry, start with the shield they are comfortable with and let them feed for a few minutes and allow let down to happen and then switch out the shields to the new one you are introducing. 
  3. Try some different ways to find what's best for your baby. Is it when your breast is full or maybe when your breast is more empty. Keep in mind it might be different between each step

For more tips, read our blog post about the Fastest Way to Wean Off Nipple Shields. 

We were SO excited by Brittany and Chelsea's success!

This is why we do what we do! 

We set out to help as many moms as possible. Brittany and Chelsea's story is a great reminder that our products are not an "instant cure." Generally any companies in the breastfeeding world selling you an "instant cure" are lying to you. Breastfeeding takes patience and a lot of trial and error to figure out. Especially when you have obstacles to overcome. We're just glad we get to provide some tools to help make the process a little easier.  

We'd love to hear your breastfeeding story to share on our blog too. Reach out to us at to share your feedback and story or with any questions about the process or weaning off nipple shields. 

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