How to Choose the Right Size Nipple Shield

Is your nipple shield the right size?

Needing the correct size nipple shield to feed your baby is just like needing the right size shoes to run. And let’s face it, breastfeeding is a marathon, not a sprint so a wrong fit can make a huge difference through all that use. If you don’t have the right size, not only are your baby’s efforts to get milk not as effective as they can be but it can leave you feeling uncomfortable and sore. The correct size nipple shield will allow you to effectively and comfortably feed your baby. This leads to increased milk supply and a happy baby.

Did you know that your nipples can change size throughout your breastfeeding journey? In the beginning your breasts may be more engorged vs later when your supply normalizes so keeping a couple sizes on hand can be great to make sure you are always comfortable and using the right size nipple shield when feeding baby.

So how do you know if you have the right size nipple shield? As always, the best way is to consult a lactation specialist. A professional can best determine which is the correct size shield to use. They can also help show you how to use a nipple shield.

The diagrams below can help you get started on choosing the right size nipple shield.

Nipple Shield is Too Small - Right Size Nipple Shield

The Nipple Shield is Too Small if your nipple rubs the side of the nipple shield or can’t fully enter the shield as the baby sucks.

Nipple Shield is Too Large or Big

The Nipple Shield is Too Large if the nipple and excessive areola are pulled into the shield as the baby sucks. 

Choosing the Correct Size Nipple Shield

The Nipple Shield is Correct if the nipple is centered and moves freely as the baby sucks. 

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How to choose the right size nipple shield

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