Nipple Shield Pros and Cons

Nipple Shield Pros and Cons

Breastfeeding with a nipple shield - pros and cons. What you need to know before deciding to breastfeed with a nipple shield

So many sites warn against using a nipple shield but lets face it, when your nips are feeling like they’ve been chewed on by piranhas then dipped in salt, it’s time to use one. Sometimes you just need it and chances are if you are here you are already using one. So we’re going to share some Pros and Cons to help make the process smoother and better for mom and baby.


  • Giving Mom’s nipples an opportunity to heal without having to introduce a bottle too early to baby.
  • Premature babies are able to latch more easily to a nipple shield than on mom’s bare breast.
  • Babies who are unable to latch onto mom’s bare breast, because mom has inverted or flat nipples or baby has tongue tie or latch issues and can't breastfeed comfortably.
  • If you’ve decided to stop breastfeeding and need to wean baby from the breast and onto the bottle it’s a great way to start introducing the feeling of an artificial nipple. (The Back to Mom kit is the perfect way to start introducing baby to silicone nipples.)


  • Some babies find it difficult to transfer enough milk using the nipple shield and may need supplementation from a bottle (even if mom’s milk supply is sufficient.) This is why it's important to work with a Lactation Consultant.
  • The lack of direct contact on the nipple can decrease the mom’s milk supply especially if baby is not effective at emptying the breast with the shield. The Natural Connection Nipple Shield is a great way to protect part of your nipple while giving direct access keeping your milk supply up. 
  • Plugged ducts and mastitis are a risk to Mom due to ineffective milk drainage.
  • Babies often become very dependent on the nipple shield, which can make it difficult to wean from. This adds extra challenges to breastfeeding when always having to have a nipple shield. (That’s why we invented the Back To Mom Nipple Shield Weaning Kit)

Also, did you know there is a right and wrong way to use a nipple shield? Learn How to Use A Nipple Shield The Right Way. It’s also important that you choose the right size nipple shield for you and for baby. The right size shield can make all the difference in your comfort. Learn How to Choose the Right Size Nipple Shield.

Whatever your reason for using or considering a nipple shield, know you are not alone. Millions of mothers have relied on nipple shields to feed their babies over the years. Be proud that you’re doing what you have to nourish your baby.

Pros and cons of using nipple shields. If you are a mom thinking of using a nipple shield check out these pros and cons first. Are nipple shields bad? Find out here.

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